Green Crew Tips & Dockwalking

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So, you have just finished your STCW, are classified as a healthy human with an ENG1 in your hand, ready to take on your first job. Where to now?

Getting your first job

There are two routes to follow when looking for your first appointment

  • Place your CV on Recruiters Platform,
  • apply for advertised positions on Recruitment Agencies’ websites from your home, and
  • hope for a response.

The other is to go get your job and found to be the most effective. In other words, get onto the aircraft, book yourself into a Crew house, network, knock down the doors of all Recruitment Agencies in the area, monitor digital media like websites, Facebook as many day work (and permanent positions) are advertised here. Most Yachts will give preference to a suitable candidate who is in the vicinity instead of someone abroad.

Most greenies get their first permanent appointment after proving themselves as a temporary/day worker on a yacht. Most day work is available during winter periods when the permanent crew is on rotational leave and preparing for the upcoming Charter season during February/March.

Super Yacht Seasons

Herewith some noteworthy aspects to consider regarding the Super Yacht seasons:

Before taking your flight to land you your first job, it may be of interest to consider the season you find yourself in first and then venture into the land of dreams.

The Super Yacht industry and, more specifically, Charter Yachts pursue warm destinations, which means they will spend their time in the Mediterranean from about March to September/October, where after they will cross the Atlantic to the USA or Caribbean. They will then return to the Mediterranean during February to prepare for the summer season. This is also the best time for greenies to land their first job and seasoned deckhand or stewardess to attend further training courses.

For greenies, it will be essential to get noticed when the majority of yachts arrive back in the Mediterranean in February, just before the Summer Charter Season begins and the best time to be around for your first appointment on a Super Yacht.

The larger motor yachts are found in Antibes. They take on more crew, and there are always opportunities to greenies to fill those crew positions who moved on to other boats.

Unbelievable as this may sound, with more than 10 000 Super Yachts currently at sea, they are getting bigger, and more are built every day. This creates a growing demand for crew, which includes deckhands, stewardesses, engineers, captains, chefs, and all other positions on yachts are becoming high in demand.

Something to ponder: a Greenie applying for a Deckhand position with an AEC 1 (Approved Engine Course) or a PBII certificate will in most cases get the appointment before someone with just a STCW and ENG1 in hand. It is advisable to get some guidance on which courses to pursue before starting your career in this wonderful industry.

Dock walking

Traditional methods of landing a job on a Super Yacht included dock walking and is still a popular way of getting especially a day worker job. With COVID-19 this has changed, and are virtual interviews with day workers held before allowing them on the docks. Most docking areas have been secured off, and access controlled, restricting unauthorized entry and problematic to greenies. Facebook and staying over at a reputable crew house where the Manager is linked up with some of the Yachts are amongst the best methods of getting day work and even a permanent position.

If anyone told you that getting your first job is easy, he/she was not truthful. It requires determination, discipline, and perseverance but most of all, the right attitude. Once you land your first job, it becomes easier, and after the first season, the sky could be the limit provided you invest in yourself. Attending courses in advancing your career will become the norm for those wishing to make this their career.

Last note, this industry is exploding and fast becoming the biggest luxury travel & leisure provider worldwide. It has also become very specialized where crew is required to meet the industry’s demands, which is achieved through the continuous development of personal skills and expertise. Those investing in this critical aspect in shaping their career will be well rewarded.

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