Valuable Tips For Video Interviews

The recruiting crew methods for a Super Yacht have evolved in recent times by increasingly becoming technical of nature. Nowadays, the majority of interviews with potential candidates are conducted via video call over ZOOM, Teams, Skype, Google Meet, or even Whatsapp. The reason interviews are conducted over a visual medium in the absence of face-to-face onsite interviews is to obtain a comprehensive insight into the Candidate’s physical reaction & demeanor when answering questions. It provides the Interviewer an overall picture of the Candidate’s suitability, which was usually only possible through a face-to-face onsite interview.

Candidates may be interviewed by a Recruitment Agency or by the Yacht Captain or designated person him/herself or all of these mentioned persons. A Video interview is as important as face to face onsite interview, and all efforts must be made by the Candidate to ensure the following :

  • Punctuality – Ensure the appointment does not need to be rescheduled by you for any reason. Preparation for the interview should be done well in advance.
  • No interruptions – Ensure your equipment for the online interview is set up in a secluded area isolated from background noises and possible interruptions by family, friends or pets.
  • Venue set up – a Blank wall or a bookcase can work as a background.
  • Dressed for success – Wear the same clothes you would wear to a face to face interview. This includes shoes! 
  • Test your equipment – Ensure your network is set up where the signal will not fade during the session. If at home, ensure other devices on the network is off for this period to free the bandwidth. Test the microphone and video on the selected program for the interview, such as ZOOM. It is advisable to test your equipment with another person well before the scheduled interview to rectify possible errors.
  • Camera Focus – Ensure the camera shows your head and shoulders.
  • Roleplay – Ensure you know which position you are being interviewed for and prepare accordingly by researching the Vessel(if possible) and prepare questions you may be asked during the interview. These questions can then be asked by the person assisting you with the roleplay.
  • On-Camera behaviour – Retain eye contact with the other person on the screen at all times to build rapport. Speak clearly and with confidence. Stay to the point and answer questions directly. A Friendly face goes a long way in ensuring a good interview – smile during the interview and use a friendly tone when answering questions.
  • Remember – First impressions is important, especially with a video interview. Do research and be confident in the interview. Be yourself and at ease during the interview. Preparation is KEY.
  • Try to avoid emergency video interviews by asking the Recruiter if it can be scheduled for a more suitable time.This will provide time to prepare for a seamless interview.

You can contact us if you need some more advise on this as well as arranging a role-play session.

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