The AV/IT courses is aimed at engineers or anyone responsible or pursuing a career as AV/IT Officer and requiring the necessary skills to manage AV systems on a yacht. A Basic understanding of Audio & Visual Systems is essential to implement and manage the modern technology implemented on Super Yachts which includes the interpretation of User Manuals.

Training includes an overview of the , most commonly used in the Super Yacht Industry. Students are taught the common maintenance tasks on board whereby past experiences will be shared. A Hands on and practical approach is core to our training methods and learning outcomes and although practical based classroom is the preferred method of delivery we have broken down the AV/IT into short course modules.


  • Introduction to IP Networks (CISCO )
  • Introduction to Cyber Security (CISCO)
  • Fundamental AV/IT system knowledge
  • Familiarization with a typical Yacht AV / IT system
  • Documentation familiarization and Interpretation
  • Introduction to Common hardware & Equipment
  • Common connectors and protocols
  • Introduction into Lighting control
  • Basics of a PLC System

SKILLS FOCUS  (Virtual/Classroom sessions):

  • Bandwidth management (Basic introduction to managing a Firewall with multiple Internet connections eg VSAT, LTE, Shore connections)
  • LTE connection fault finding
  • VSAT fault finding
  • Basic Electrical fault finding
  • IR control fault finding
  • RS232 fault finding + cable testing
  • IP control fault finding + network cable testing
  • Television lift & Cinema screen fault finding
  • Lighting & Blind control system fault finding
  • Satellite TV fault finding
  • Soldering connections
  • RJ45 Connector crimping
  • Working with Fibre 
  • Basic programming of a PLC device

Our AV IT course has been suspended until 2024. We have however introduced critical modules of this course in the form of short online/blended courses. An announcement of the full AV IT course will be made in due course


Cisco Network Essentials Course

The Cisco Network Essentials 2.0 (net ess 2.0) course provides learners a broad foundational understanding of networking.  It is suitable for anyone interested in a career in ITC or related career pathway.  


Network Essentials Topics:

  • Internet connection:  getting online
  • Network protocals and architecture
  • data communications and network services
  • home network basics
  • introduction to cisco networkng
  • packet tracer assessment
  • course completion assessment and survey

Introduction to Packet Tracer Topics:

  • Introduction to packet tracer
  • the user interface 
  • simulation view
  • packet tracer usage
  • IOT components in packet tracer
  • creating and controlling a smart home network
  • packet tracer environment controls
  • creating and programming objects in PT

Upon completion of the Networking Essential 2.0 course, students will be able to perform the following tasks:

 • Explain the concept of network communication.
 • Explain the basic requirements for getting online.
• Create a simulated network using Packet Tracer.
• Build a simple home network.
• Explain the importance of standards and protocols in network communications.
• Explain how communication occurs on Ethernet networks.
• Explain the features of an IP address.
• Explain the DHCP address assignment process.
• Explain the principles of IPv4 and IPv6 address management.
• Explain how clients access internet services.
• Explain the function of common application layer services.
• Configure an integrated wireless router and wireless client to connect securely to the internet.
• Connect wireless PC clients to a wireless router.
• Explain how to use security best practices to mitigate attacks.
• Configure basic network security.
• Explain how to create a console connection to a Cisco device.
• Explain how to use the Cisco IOS.
• Build a simple computer network using Cisco devices.
• Explain the steps to take when a new configuration does not work as expected

This course is offered through online facilitation by our qualified instructor.
The course requires approximately 42 hours of self study.
After successful completion you will receive a Cisco badge.

Cisco Cyber Security Course

The introductory course takes you inside the world of Cyber Security.  You will learn cyber security basics to protect your personal digital life and gain insights into the biggest security challenges companies , governments and educational institutions face today.  Get onboard and develop an understanding of cyber crime security principles, technologies and procedures used to defend networks.


Introduction to Cyber Security topics:

  • Explore the need for cyber security
  • examen attacks through malware social engineering and attacks that target applications
  • data security is critical in todays connected world
  • implementing security futures available on the network to safeguard an organization to achieve a basic level of security

Cyber security essentials topics:

  • Threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks are the central focus of cybersecurity professionals.
  • Cybersecurity professionals are best described as experts who are responsible for the protection of cyberspace.
  • Different technologies, procedures, and processes can be implemented to secure all components of an organization’s network. 
  • The growth of an organization’s business scope means that security measures must extend beyond the traditional network.
  • An organization must monitor, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats as part of their cybersecurity.
  • Incident response is a structured methodology for handling security incidents, breaches, and cyber threats.
  • Risk and asset management identify risks and vulnerabilities within an organization and apply administrative actions. 
  • Governance and compliance is a structured approach to aligning IT with business objective

This course is offered through online facilitation by our qualified instructor.
The course requires approximately 45 hours of self study.
After successful completion you will receive a Cisco badge.

Program logic Control System (PLC) Course

This Program Logic Control course is aimed at assisting Engineers and Deck Crew to perform basic problem-solving of automated systems.This course outlinesthe basic functions of controllers,sensors, actuators and relays and how this interfaces with networks and hardware component


  • Introduction to PLC’s
  • Digital Timers & Functions
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Basic Functions
  • Counters & Relays
  • Analogue Functions
  • Emergency Switches & Displays
  • Networks & Communications
  • Application Examples

This course is offered based on 3 options:

Option 1:  Online facilitated only
Option 2:  Online facilitation plus 1 day round off session in classroom
Option 3:  Classroom practical training only (3days)

Important notes:

  • All online courses are conducted on our training platform. 
  • CISCO courses are offered on the CISCO training platform.
  • Online facilitation is conducted by an experienced & qualified IT Specialist via our training platform.
  • Facilitation sessions are conducted via Microsoft Teams, are recorded and available to students afterwards.
  • The number of facilitation sessions vary in respect of the courses.