Engineer mtu


Maximum no of candidates per course – 8 / Minimum no of candidates per course – 4

Minimum Requirements for Admission

  • MCA AEC 1 Course or equivalent qualification (Accredited Certification)
  • MTU CM1 Preparatory Course (Not required if you have previous engineering experience or a qualification
  • Technical understanding
  • Knowledge of course language

Duration: 5 days

This course, will build on the fundamental concepts that was introduced in your previous engineering experience or training augmented by practical exposure to MTU engines facilitated by a trained MTU specialist. This course will cover the following concepts:

Training and Certification

Training is conducted on the following MTU Engines, machinery and equipment  by a qualified MTU Facilitator, 16V 2000-01 CR/M

MTU will issue the MTU CM1/CM2 certificate for successful completion of the course

Course Objectives

The Trainee will learn:

  • Engine design and function
  • How to operate the engines and related systems
  • How to identify and rectify minor faults
  • How to perform preventative maintenance task as per MTU Instructions



  • Handling of documentation
  • Design and function of the engine
  • Explanation of the oil and fuel , systems, etc
  • Explanation of the fluids and lubricants specification.
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Execution of preventive maintenance tasks (QL1) and replacement of the subassemblies (QL2)
  • Introduction to the engine management system