Be CERTIFIED and get the job


It would be a fair assessment to say that with this attraction is caused primarily by two factors namely lifestyle and reward. Super Yacht crews are amongst the highest earners considering they’re above average salaries with minimal expenses.

It would further be fair to assume that job placements becomes more and more competitive with more than a 100 applicants literally applying for 1 job advertised by Crew Agencies.

Certification has become more and more in demand by Crew Agencies and Captains. Firstly, a new job seeker having a MCA Certificate in his hands almost always will get the nod against someone, no matter how charming he or she may be but lack of a formal certificate. A Certificate shows that you are serious about your career and especially this career. It also prepares you for the challenges that life at sea may pose and believe this, you will get challenged. A knowledgeable rookie is better to have on board than a rookie with no knowledge at all during these events.

You can be assured of the fact that any Captain of a Super Yacht would rather deploy someone with an MCA AEC 1 Certificate to on the chase boat than someone who has no knowledge about the basics of an engine.

Over and above the STCW course, which deals with Safety, Security, Firefighting and First Aid and an important certificate when you start your career, the MCA AEC 1 enhances your chances of getting your career started.

When doing your AEC 1 course, keep in mind that this could be the beginning of your career in the engineering side of the industry. Now days Yacht Owners require their Captains to be hands on with all aspects of a yacht including maintenance and servicing. With a large percentage of Super Yachts being equipped with MTU Diesel Engines which requires specialized knowledge and MTU certification before any servicing or maintenance can be done on the engines Yachtsmart247 has decided to equip their students with understanding and certification to perform these functions on all engines, including MTU Engines. 

The Yachtsmart247/MTU AEC 1 course will definitely enhance the chances of employment as Deckhand, Assistant Engineer and Captain as you advance your career. This course offers the student 2 certificates namely the AEC1 and the CM1 MTU certificate. The AEC 2 course to be launched soon by the MCA is linked to the CM2 MTU certificate allowing the student to perform advanced functions on the MTU engine and also maintain an MCA accredited certificate.

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