MTU CM1 Preparatory Course (Not required if the AEC1 Course was done at an MTU Training facility)


AEC 1 or Equivelant

Days: 3

This course builds on the concept that was introduced in Part 1, the MCA AEC 1 Course in alignment with the MTU CM1 Course Curriculum. It is aimed to ensure Trainees have a good understanding of the fundamental concepts unique to the MTU Engine to be dealt with in Part 3, the MTU CM1 Course.  

This part of the training requires previous experience and/or a good understanding of engines.

Course Objectives

The Trainee will learn:

  • General principles of the compression ignition engine  
  • Cycle of Operation and constructional Details  
  • Engine Terms and Meanings
  • Engine Performance Data
  • The Fuel System  
  • The Role of Air in the Combustion Process                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • The Cooling System
  • The Lubricating Oil System
  • The Engine Electrical System
  • Experience in reading drawings and tolerances
  • Handling measuring equipment                                                                                         
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